100 Bedtime Affirmations Before Sleep

Bedtime Affirmations before sleeping

Everyday hustling and bustling many of us encounter have kept on depriving us of restful night sleep. This impairment has deterred the quality of sleep we usually have.

These 100 bedtime affirmations before sleep promise to redirect your thoughts and evaporate your worries of the day and afford you a better night’s sleep.

A good night’s sleep is a dream on its own. Having a good night’s sleep makes you live life at 100%. You should always dream of having a serene, unruffled, and composed night rest. Make your night sleep a top priority as you engage the practice of bedtime affirmations on a daily basis.

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Bedtime Affirmations Before Sleep


  • I sleep all through the night.
  • Falling asleep quickly is stress-free for me.
  • I get up as soon as my alarm clock goes off feeling fresh and alert.
  • I have a safe place to sleep.
  • Insomnia is no longer a part of me. I release it with joy.
  • I deserve to have a restful sleep to recharge my energy and feel fresh in the morning.
  • I enjoy deep refreshing sleep every night.
  • I trust that I will get all the rest I need.
  • My essential nature is perfect and faultless. It is to this nature that I return to bed.
  • I am looking forward to tomorrow and the opportunities it brings.
  • I relax every fiber of my being now and I’m ready to fall asleep easily.
  • I am now relaxed both physically and mentally.
  • I am more clear-minded at night.
  • I’m an infinite being. The age of my body has no bearing on what I do and who I am because I sleep well.
  • I am emptying my head of busy racing thoughts.
  • I’m ready to fall asleep and wake up tomorrow with lots of energy and brightness.
  • I rest in the kindness of God.
  • My bedroom is a place of comfort, relaxation, and deep sleep.
  • I am going to sleep like a giant and wake up like a baby.
  • I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance.
  • I cannot do anything more now – it is time to sleep.
  • I am very pleased with myself and the achievement I made today.
  • I am listening to my breath. I am calm, I am sleepy.
  • I have done my best today. I should have the best sleep.
  • I think only about what I can do right now. I think about sleeping.
  • I am wide conscious and alert throughout the day and at night my body’s natural sleep cycle gently drifts me off to sleep.
  • I entrust my body to sleep.
  • Every night I rest in the love of God.
  • My deep night’s sleep is not magical but realistic.
  • My body knows how to sleep perfectly, and I always get a great night’s sleep.
  • I choose now to dream happy dreams.
  • I am going to sleep, and I will stay asleep.
  • I bring my body into this bed and hand over all responsibilities.
  • I am at peace with the universe.
  • Tomorrow is a new day full of opportunities.
  • I allow myself to completely relax and fall asleep now.
  • If I wake up, it’s not a problem because I will fall back to sleep again.
  • I am thankful for the abundance I receive each day.
  • I am the commander of my sleep.
  • I maintain perfect sleep timing and as a result, I enjoy a perfect sleep.
  • As I honor the innate wisdom of my body, sleep happens naturally.
  • Sleep is a natural process that I enjoy every night. I close my eyes and awake the next morning refreshed and rejuvenated.
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  • I rejoiced in what I’ve learned today.
  • The best thing that I can do is to get some rest.
  • I am grateful for everything that I’ve accomplished today.
  • Life is short. I will not allow what happened today to steal my happiness.
  • The more I relax, the better healthy I become.
  • I am sleepy, I will sleep, I will stay asleep until I have had enough sleep.
  • There is nothing right now that I need fear.
  • I match my heartbeat with the beat of the universe.
  • I have a still moment.
  • I am now falling asleep simply, naturally, and serenely… Good night!
  • I rest in the mercy of God.
  •  I forgive it all.
  • Sleeping is the most natural thing I can do.
  • I lie back and entreat myself to good sleep.
  • I am enjoying a beautiful night’s sleep.
  • I confide in sleep. All worries are put to rest.
  • I shake all negative thoughts out of my head and allow myself to sleep peacefully.
  • It’s time for me to go to sleep.
  • I am aware of what could prevent sleep and cause insomnia. I ensure that my daily routine is filled with sleep-promoting habits.
  • I now enter a place of deep and restful sleep.
  • I don’t look to the clock or calendar for the meaning of my life.
  • I fall asleep every single night and will fall asleep tonight.
  • “All is well” has been written on my heart.
  •  I now give myself permission to close my eyes and rest.
  • I hug the tranquility and soothing qualities of night.
  • I am now dipping asleep with only positive thoughts about myself and my life.
  • I trust that as I settle back down, my body regains entry to this state of loving repair.
  • I breathe and I will try again tomorrow.
  • I embrace my dreams.
  • I feel amazing about being alive and being me tonight.
  • I rest in the forgiveness of God.
  • I choose peace.
  • Weights melt away and my mind settles into this silent place.
  • It’s okay to enjoy a stretched and decent sleep.
  • I rest in the peace of God.
  • I invite the qualities of good sleep.
  • There are billions of people sleeping right now and falling asleep just as I will.
  • I awake each morning refreshed from a great night’s sleep.
  • I am thankful for my simple willingness: sleep is easier because of it.
  • Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.
  • I release tension and stress in my body.
  • My heart is pure.
  • What I’ve done today is enough.
  • When I enter my bedroom, my thoughts naturally detach and slow down. My bedroom is a place of sleep and deep relaxation.
  • For now, sleep is what’s best.
  • I am relaxing my head, my face, my shoulders, my stomach, my hips, my legs, and my feet.
  • I am opening every door to sleep.
  • May my sleep be peaceful.
  • There is no reason that I will not be able to sleep.
  • I live in the moment and am grateful for all my life experiences. All of them.
  • I feel comfortable and safe.
  • Sleep is pleasant for me, and my body cares for itself while I slumber.
  • I can choose a thought that feels better.
  • I’m proud of my efforts today.
  • I invite peace and harmony to dwell in me and surround me at all times.
  • I deserve to allow myself time to rest and recharge.
  • My bedroom is safe, peaceful, and warm.
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Practicing these 100 bedtime affirmations before sleep helps you snooze your way to peaceful rest.

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