120 Positive Affirmations For Mental Health

Positive Affirmations For Mental Health

Are your troubles really that big? Are the problems you have experienced or the challenges you might currently be facing really as serious as you have made them out to be? What you need are a few positive affirmations for mental health.

To live happier, more fulfilling lives, when we encounter a difficult circumstance, we must keep shifting our perspective and continually ask ourselves, “Is there a wiser, more enlightened way of looking at this seemingly negative situation?”

We walk this planet for such a short time. In the overall scheme of things, our lives are mere blips on the canvas of eternity. So have the wisdom to enjoy the journey and relish the process with these 120 positive affirmations for mental health.

Positive Affirmations For Mental Health

Positive Affirmations for Mental Health

  • I have the inner power and I am powerful.
  • I have the power to change how I feel at every moment.
  • I love my body, soul, and spirit.
  • I am allowed to make mistakes, mistakes teach me worthwhile lessons.
  • I am worthy of respect.
  • I am beautiful and unique.
  • I nourish my body with the healthiest foods and drinks.
  • I actively seek my purpose in my life.
  • My feelings are valid, always.
  • I will find the good in all things.
  • I am capable of adjusting to new situations.
  • I choose happiness and am grateful for the blessings of health, love, and family.
  • I am unique and I have a unique purpose
  • I am thankful for the love of my life.
  • I face difficult situations with courage
  • I will take action and accomplish my goals.
  • I attract calming situations and people into my life.
  • I am always learning.
  • The world is a better place because I am here.
  • I am safe and sound.
  • I trust in my inner wisdom.
  • My body is healthy, my mind is knowledgeable, my heart is serene.
  • I am brave and stand up for what I believe in.
  • I am at peace with myself.
  • I know my intuition is my best guide.
  • I live in the moment and in the now.
  • My confidence, inner wisdom, and self-esteem increase daily.
  • I am in charge of my life and the path it takes.
  • I am beautiful inside out.
  • I inhale confidence and exhale self-doubt.
  • I will try new things.
  • I will surround myself with positive people.
  • I have faith in my abilities.
  • I am grateful for what I can do.
  • I am on the right path for me.
  • I trust myself.
  • I will turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
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Positive Affirmations For Mental Health
  • I am safe.
  • I care for myself.
  • My goals are achievable.
  • I am confident.
  • I am forgiving others for their mistakes.
  • I forgive myself for any mistakes that I have made.
  • I inspire others to be happy when I allow myself to be happy.
  • I am happy and joyful.
  • I am happy to be me.
  • I release habits of worry.
  • I will practice self-kindness.
  • I am in charge of my thoughts, I have a positive mindset.
  • I allow myself to experience life.
  • I have the strength to get through this and know that I’m going to be ok.
  • I am more than my depression.
  • I have people who care for me, I will make it through this.
  • I forgive myself with ease.
  • I forgive myself.
  • My contributions to the world are valuable.
  • I know that I am worthy of the good things that come my way.
  • I release anxiety because I know it is just passing through.
  • I free myself from the hurt of others.
  • I am enough, just as I am.
  • I am courageous and confront my fears.
  • I forgive others.
  • I replace feelings of worry with hope.
  • I am well-rested and full of energy.
  • I am grateful.
  • I am not afraid to ask for help.
  • My possibilities are endless.
  • I am relaxed and at peace.
  • I forgive myself and hold myself in a state of compassion.
  • My past does not define me.
  • I continue to learn, grow, and evolve with each passing day.
  • I am humble.
  • I am growing more at peace with my past each day.
  • I am a highly regarded employee.
  • I am grateful for the present joys in my life.
  • My body is healthy and I only eat nourishing food.
  • I see my own beauty.
  • I am strong, my depression will not defeat me.
  • I look for the positive side of every situation.
  • I am love.
  • I love myself.
  • Life is beautiful for me and with me.
  • I experience life.
  • I already possess all the qualities needed to be successful.
  • I am comfortable in my own skin.
  • I choose love, joy, and freedom.
  • I am healthy and balanced.
  • I am my natural weight.
  • I nourish my hair, skin, hands, and feet.
  • I will not be afraid of living my life.
  • I release past hurt to allow healing energy into my life.
  • I am powerful.
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Positive Affirmations For Mental Health
  • I deserve love and happiness.
  • I allow wonderful experiences and people in my life.
  • I vibrate at a higher emotion than anxiety.
  • I learn and expand daily.
  • I am loving and worthy of love.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I don’t doubt my ability.
  • My life is a gift to the world.
  • I am willing to change, improve, and grow.
  • I surround myself with people that make me feel good.
  • I am forgiving and compassionate towards others.
  • I let go of the past and make room for new and wonderful experiences.
  • I seek a message in every lesson or challenge.
  • I am my own light.
  • My depression will not control my life.
  • I am becoming more calm, positive, and loving every day.
  • There is a place for me in this world.
  • I take care of myself and ensure I have everything I need.
  • It’s OK for me to have fun.
  • I am strong in mind, body, and spirit.
  • My happiness is my priority.
  • I will respect myself and treat myself with care.
  • I make an effort to understand others.
  • Life is a school and I have a place in this school.
  • My body is my temple.
  • I am a compassionate listener.
  • I am physically active.
  • Today is a brand new day.
  • If I come up against any obstacles I will overcome them.
  • I eat healthily every day. 
  • I am physically active.

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