20 Positive Affirmations for Forgiveness

Positive Affirmations for Forgiveness

Many a time we choose to incarcerate ourselves with the heaviness of not forgiving than to rise above the pessimism because it is the path of slightest resistance. Forgive anyone who has caused you pain or harm. Keep in mind that those positive affirmations for forgiveness are not for others. It is for you.

Forgiving is not forgetting. It is remembering without resentment. It frees up your power, heals your body, mind, and spirit. Forgiveness opens up a pathway to a new place of peace where you can persevere despite what has happened to you.

Forgiveness is a feature of a fighter spirit. It’s like taking a giant load off your bears and the other person doesn’t necessarily have to know, change, or otherwise. It’s no one’s obligation but your own to clear out negative feelings and resentment and your body-mind will thank you.

Positive affirmations for forgiveness helps you see the stunning and awe-inspiring process of estranging yourself from the anger, bitterness, frustration, hurt, guilt, shame that you feel about a situation or about a person, including yourself.

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Read these positive affirmations for forgiveness every day of the week. Say them with all sincerity and as you do that it becomes easier to forgive yourself and others.

Positive Affirmations for Forgiveness

Positive Affirmations for Forgiveness

  1. I am done beating myself up for what has happened in the past.
  2. Forgiveness gives me a fresh start and a clean slate.
  3. I forgive myself for past shortcomings, missed opportunities, and times when I should have forgiven but I didn’t.
  4. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
  5. The past is over. I move beyond my mistakes and focus on living in the NOW.
  6. I let go of all urges to criticize myself.
  7. I grow more patient and understanding of others by forgiving myself.
  8. I trade my anger and rage for understanding and compassion.
  9. I can only share my gift with the world if I first forgive myself.
  10. I release negative, damaging patterns of thought and behavior.
  11. I step away from the prison of resentment into freedom.
  12. I forgive myself for any regrets that I have been holding and remind myself to focus on the present.
  13. I don’t need someone else’s acceptance, apology, or response to forgive them.
  14. I release my past and forgive my participation in it.
  15. I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs and release them into love.
  16. I release the past so I can step into the future with pure intentions.
  17. I choose to uplift those who have hurt me in prayer, sending them positive energy and intentions.
  18. When I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others.
  19. I will not punish people in my present for past offenses.
  20. I melt into an ocean of love and forgiveness.
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