20 Positive Affirmations for Integrity

Positive Affirmations for Integrity

Honesty and Integrity Affirmations

The positive affirmations for integrity remind you to conduct yourself with honesty while understanding that love and virtue can never be bought. You can only focus on your actions making sure you stand as a positive archetypal for others to follow.

Integrity is something that is very much misplaced in today’s world. People of all ages feel enabled to say and do whatever they want short of feeling any concern or compunction for the resulting costs to themselves or others.

We feel safe, and secure around straight, honest people. They speak their minds, and we know where we stand with them. Froward people, people who are afraid to say who they are, what they want, and what they’re feeling, cannot be reliable. They will by some means act out their truth even though they do not speak it.

These 20 positive affirmations for integrity will also remind you that you cannot control others.

Affirmations Tips

While watching the positive affirmations video or listening to the affirmation audio allow yourself to empty your mind of other thoughts and distractions. Don’t think about anything. Simply embrace and allow the affirmations to sink in.

Repetition is key. The more times that you re-watch, re-listen, and re-take in these affirmations the more you will allow them to sink into your subconscious until you really truly believe them.

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Positive Affirmations for Integrity

Positive Affirmations for Integrity
  1. Telling lies is part of my past and I release it now.
  2. I’m honest with people about my feelings.
  3. I completely trust myself because I always keep the promises I make.
  4. I live my life the way I would like to be remembered.
  5. I conduct business as if all my walls were made of glass.
  6. I am cheerful and honest when speaking to others.
  7. I always keep my promises to others.
  8. I am a perfect example of sincerity, honesty, and reliability.
  9. I attract honest and kind personalities to me.
  10. It’s easier, to tell the truth, the first time around.
  11. I let my yes be yes.
  12. I apply sound and honest business practices at work.
  13. Good things happen when I speak my truth.
  14. I’m proud to be thought of as an honest person.
  15. Honesty is a value that I honour every day.
  16. I am a person of my word.
  17. I always endeavour to do the right thing.
  18. I am at all times personally accountable for my words and actions.
  19. Honest loving people are drawn to me and me to them.
  20. I love people and use things – not the other way around.
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