30 Positive Affirmations for Young Girls

Growing up as a young girl is more challenging in today’s world. Positive affirmations for young girls are more than just speaking nice words to yourself.  Positive affirmations for young girls are prepared to build bravery and conviction into them, inspiring them with confidence, and smearing their daily existence against vulnerability to the opposite sex.

To successfully overcome those challenges emotionally, they need to have a healthy emotional mindset. Including how they value themselves, how they see their self-image, and their basic belief structure.

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positive affirmations for young girls

Use these 30 positive affirmations for young girls to bring the sleeping real you to the surface.

Positive Affirmations for Young Girls

  1. I am a girl who has lots of ideas.
  2. I will accept my flaws.
  3. I will show kindness, even when it seems hard.
  4. I believe I can change the world.
  5. I have so many talents.
  6. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
  7. I am proud of myself.
  8. I will speak up, even if my voice shakes.
  9. I accept what I cannot change.
  10. I am not afraid of failure.
  11. I am thankful for everything in my life.
  12. You are uniquely gifted.
  13. You are a giving, generous person.
  14. Your body is beautifully perfect.
  15. I love all my kinks and curls in my hair.
  16. I do not compare myself to other girls.
  17. I do not need a mirror to see my beauty.
  18. I like to share what I have.
  19. I am a problem solver and I will find a way.
  20. I am kind, I am smart, and I am important.
  21. I love the color of my skin.
  22. I am confident in all that I do.
  23. My voice is powerful.
  24. Mistakes are not the end of you.
  25. Your future is your own.
  26. I will only compare myself with the best version of myself.
  27. I can learn hard things.
  28. I can make a difference.
  29. I am a smart girl.
  30. I love to learn.
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