35 Positive Affirmations after a Breakup

Getting over heartbreak is one of the toughest things, ever. No matter how long you dated or how a moment ago things ended, getting your strength back from a breakup can be a long process. Yet, by exposing yourself to positive affirmations after a breakup, also by loving yourself and retelling yourself how amazing you are every day, you’ll start to heal in no time, on your own time.

 If you’re re going through the anguish of breakup, read these 35 positive affirmations after a breakup right now to help heal your broken heart

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Positive Affirmations after a Breakup

Positive Affirmations after a Breakup

  1. I am worthy of love even when my heart is hurting.
  2. I am a loving, peaceful, joyful person. I am loved and lovable.
  3. This break-up is the beginning of a positive new direction in my life.
  4. I choose to break free from negativity.
  5. Love, forgive, and move on.
  6. Even though I may miss some things about my ex and my relationship, I am happier and healthier being single.
  7. My life is perfect just the way it is.
  8. I forgive my ex.
  9. Everything is unfolding as it is supposed to.
  10. I am healing more and more every day.
  11. I am not a burden and it’s not selfish for me to nourish myself in whatever way I need.
  12. I don’t need anyone else to make me happy.
  13. I find strength through my struggle and trust my greatness.
  14. Each day in every way I am peaceful, healed, happy, and whole.
  15. I choose happiness, health, and harmony instead of dis-functional relationships.
  16. I am connected to so many people around me, and they don’t mind taking care of me right now.
  17. I would rather be healthy and single than in a relationship that is unhealthy.
  18. Having risked opening my heart to love. I choose to live in love in every moment.
  19. Never ever give up on your dreams or your perfect life.
  20. I will get through this. This did not end me.
  21. I did my best. I am trying my best. I am doing what I need to be doing.
  22. I love myself. I love my life Love is all there is.
  23. I love myself and my life and I am worthy of love in my life.
  24. It is completely normal that I am upset or devastated over this breakup.
  25. It’s OK to not be OK. It’s OK to take the time and space I need to heal.
  26. I am strong, resilient, peaceful, and happy.
  27. I am loving and compassionate to myself at all times.
  28. All of me is good and lovable. I can be all of myself at all times.
  29. It’s OK to think about my ex, to question what happened, and to replay every detail in my head. But eventually, I will move on.
  30. I am infinitely deserving of love.
  31. I do not measure my worth on this breakup.
  32. I will be better than I’ve ever been before.
  33. This happened for a reason.
  34. I will love again.
  35. I will not only think about all the great things from that relationship.