40 Amazing Affirmations for Marriage

amazing affirmations for marriage

Amazing affirmations for marriage are imperative for those who desire a stronger fitting together to their marriage. They are a daily reminder that you chose your marriage for a cause, and that your marriage can get the better of all things.

Amazing affirmations for marriage are the perfect tool for living in the reality of your marriage. Speak how and what you want to live.

Below are 40 amazing affirmations for marriage to bind your nuptial cords and suffer not asunder.

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Amazing Affirmations for Marriage

Amazing Affirmations for Marriage

  1. My marriage is put together on love, respect, and trust.
  2. I yearn to kiss my spouse daily… morning and night.
  3. I respect the personality of my partner.
  4. I am obsessive in my love for my spouse.
  5. I enjoy taking the time to listen to what my partner has to say.
  6. My marriage is a match made in heaven.
  7. I accept and embrace my spouse’s decisions in life.
  8. I believe in my marriage.
  9. My relationship with my spouse is a priority.
  10. I accept that my spouse and I are different… and respect those differences.
  11. My marriage is going to work.
  12. We daily grow in tolerance, understanding, and share of love.
  13. I understand my spouse’s love languages and understand mine too.
  14. I express my emotions and vulnerability to my partner in an honest and calm way because she won’t judge me.
  15. I choose to treat my spouse how I want my children to be treated by theirs.
  16. My spouse and I are united in raising our children.
  17. I choose to invest time in my marriage.
  18. I trust my spouse’s ability to parent our children.
  19. My children are a physical manifestation of my love for my spouse.
  20. I feel respected and loved in my marriage.
  21. There is tremendous harmony in our family.
  22. I am grateful for the time spent with my spouse.
  23. My partner is a reflection of me.
  24. I will always remember why I married my spouse in the first place.
  25. I put my spouse’s feelings into consideration before making any decision.
  26. I understand the sanctity of marriage and will remain bound by marriage for all my life.
  27. We daily grow in tolerance, understanding, and share of love.
  28. We freely accept each other’s differences without judgment.
  29. My marriage is divinely protected. Nothing can separate us and we are together till the end of time.
  30. I love my spouse unconditionally.
  31. I can communicate with him in a constructive and healthy way.
  32. There are open lines of communication every day.
  33. I must forgive my spouse… daily.
  34. I am irresistible to my spouse and will not deny him when possible.
  35. I will ask myself regularly, how can I show him/her my love more?
  36. I know that marriage is bliss and I have attained it.
  37. I am comfortable showing her my vulnerabilities because I know she doesn’t judge me.
  38. Together there is nothing we cannot face or triumph over.
  39. Communication must be open and honest.
  40. My perfect match has already been chosen and he’s coming for me right at this moment.
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