50 Amazing Affirmations for Teens

Amazing Affirmations for Teens

Encouraging words remind our teens that though they may be struggling in their unique way, that everyone struggles. In this way, amazing affirmations for teens offer stability for those times when teenagers feel like life is all deleterious. Instead, teens can choose to focus on the bigger picture and find the positives through amazing affirmations for teens.

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Amazing Affirmations for Teens

Amazing Affirmations for Teens

  1. I am an intelligent being, but I don’t know everything.
  2. I am unique and there is no one with my exact talents.
  3. I can learn from my mistakes and become stronger.
  4. I will continue to try. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it won’t eventually work.
  5. I am smart in my unique way, but it’s wise to ask for help sometimes.
  6.  I am not limited by what others think of me.
  7. I have permission to care for my needs and feelings.
  8. I am wise to stop and consider my options.
  9. I am proud to represent the values that matter to me and my community.
  10. I love myself.
  11. I feel lucky to have the opportunities that I do.
  12. My dreams are achievable.
  13. The only people, who may be judging me, are the people who are most afraid of being judged.
  14. I deserve to have friends that treat me well.
  15. I am important even if I am not from a rich or famous home.
  16. I will appreciate and be kind to myself as I would a friend.
  17. I can choose to be happy right where I am, even if I desire more in the future.
  18. I am worthy of love because I am a person not because of how I look or perform.
  19. I understand that my actions become habits so I will try to do the right thing.
  20. I love and respect my family for all they do for me.
  21. I will ask for help if I need it.
  22. If I feel overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, or depression today, that’s OK, because tomorrow is a new day!
  23. My first love will probably not be my only love, and I’m ok with that.
  24. People can be mean, but it only reflects the kind of person they are.
  25. I am happy. Who else am I trying to please?
  26. I accept and love the way I look without comparing myself to others.
  27. I am completely unique and therefore, there are no rules to what I am and am not.
  28. I give myself permission to do what is best for me.
  29. I admit that I may not always know what is best for me, so I am open to advise from people who I respect.
  30. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea but there are many for who I am a perfect match!
  31. I am always learning more about who I am and what matters to me.
  32. I do not need drugs or alcohol to have fun.
  33. I do not need to share every personal detail with my entire social network.
  34. My opinion matters.
  35. I acknowledge that sometimes it is not appropriate to voice my opinion.
  36. I care about what is going on in the world.
  37. I can say no, and no will mean no.
  38. I stand up for myself because I matter.
  39. I love myself unconditionally.
  40. I see the beauty in stopping to appreciate my blessings.
  41. I can change my feelings by changing my thinking.
  42. I will continue to pursue my dreams even if others don’t share my dreams.
  43. I can tell someone no and still be a kind person.
  44. I will be confident to speak up when I need to.
  45. I am not responsible to take care of other’s feelings.
  46. I am loved and matter to many people.
  47. I will choose to believe that I have a lot to offer someone.
  48. I am worth taking care of physically and mentally.
  49. I am not in a race, there is plenty of time.
  50. Reputation is important, but it is not defining.
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