70 Positive Affirmations for Marriage

Positive Affirmations for Marriage

Affirmations are a way of us reprograming the intuitive brain to accept as certain real things about the world, making us fit our hopes, dreams, and desires into reality. Positive affirmations for marriage are the perfect tool for living in the existence of your love life. Speak how and what you want to live.

I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together  – Julia Roberts

Positive Affirmations for Marriage

Just imagine a time when you undertake a job with a positive mentality – I guess the results were more astounding than when you went in with negative thoughts. Over time, daily positive affirmations replace negative thoughts, self-doubt, and challenges with positive beliefs.

It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you implement that effort into your life… every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs. Keep going, remember why you started – unknown

Positive affirmations for marriage are important for those who desire a stronger fitting together to their marriage. They are a daily reminder that you chose your marriage for a cause and that your marriage can conquer all things.

These 70 positive affirmations for marriage will surely create a bond you yearn to see in your home.

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Positive Affirmations for Marriage

Positive Affirmations For Marriage

  1.  I am daily making my relationship with my spouse stronger.
  2. Our relationship grows stronger each day through our commitment.
  3. I choose to listen to my spouse before speaking out of anger.
  4. For me, marriage is the final frontline. I have conquered it and will guard it fiercely.
  5. My companion and I can face any challenge together through our love and strength.
  6. Divine power protects my marriage. My partner and I are loved and are safe.
  7. I respect and appreciate our differences.
  8. I accept the opportunity to apologize first.
  9. I have loved my partner unconditionally, and will always respect them.
  10. I am both loyal and devoted to my spouse.
  11. We will always work through our issues and never hold a grudge.
  12. I support my spouse in his/her decisions.
  13. I appreciate my partner with my entire being.
  14. I understand the sacredness of marriage and will remain bound by friendship for all my life.
  15. Together we have great strengths.
  16. My children are a physical manifestation of my love for my spouse.
  17. I am grateful for the time spent with my spouse.
  18. I choose to make my marriage an excellent example for my children to follow.
  19. We make a great team.
  20. We live a life full of gratefulness.
  21. My marriage is the most sacred thing to me, and I preserve it with all my might.
  22. I am so grateful to have someone special in my life.
  23. Each day is an opportunity to learn more about my spouse.
  24. My marriage is a sacred union.
  25. I respect the person my spouse is, rather than who I want him/her to be.
  26. My partner and I are bound together in eternal love, and our marriage is the seal of that love.
  27. I love my partner, and I tell her every day.
  28. I choose to focus on the positive every day.
  29. I appreciate my partner because he brings out the good in me and points out my strengths.
  30. My marriage is put together on love, respect, and trust.
  31. We freely accept each other’s differences without judgment.
  32. My marriage is divinely protected. Nothing can separate us, and we are together till the end of time.
  33. I love my spouse, unconditionally.
  34. I can communicate with him constructively and healthily.
  35. There are open lines of communication every day.
  36. I must forgive my spouse daily.
  37. I understand the sanctity of marriage and will remain bound by friendship for all my life.
  38. I am irresistible to my spouse and will not deny him when possible.
  39. I am comfortable showing her my vulnerabilities because I know she doesn’t judge me.
  40. I will ask myself regularly, “How can I show him/her my love more? “
  41. I know that marriage is bliss, and I have attained it.
  42. Together there is nothing we cannot face or triumph over.
  43. Communication must be open and honest.
  44. My perfect match has sighted me, and he’s coming for me right at this moment.
  45. My spouse is and will always be my best friend.
  46. I must control my tongue when angry and fight fair if we should disagree.
  47. My partner and I are thrilled in our married life, and we propose to remain so indefinitely.
  48. I yearn to kiss my spouse daily, …morning, and night.
  49. I respect the personality of my partner.
  50. I am obsessive in my love for my spouse.
  51. I enjoy taking the time to listen to what my partner has to say.
  52. My marriage is a match made in heaven.
  53. I accept and embrace my spouse’s decisions in life.
  54. I believe in my marriage.
  55. My relationship with my spouse is a priority.
  56. I accept that my spouse and I are different and respect those differences.
  57. My marriage is going to work.
  58. My partner is a reflection of me.
  59. I feel respected and loved in my marriage.
  60. There is great harmony in our family.
  61. I will always remember why I married my spouse in the first place.
  62. I put my spouse’s feelings into consideration before making any decision.
  63. We daily grow in tolerance, understanding, and share of love.
  64. I understand my spouse’s love languages and understand mine too.
  65. I express my emotions and vulnerability to my partner honestly and calmly because she won’t judge me.
  66. I choose to treat my spouse how I want my children to be processed by theirs.
  67. My spouse and I are united in raising o.ur children.
  68. I choose to invest time in my marriage.
  69. I trust my spouse’s ability to parent our children.
  70. Our marriage brings peace and strength to our household.
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