70 Positive affirmations for the Ember Months

Positive affirmations for the Ember Months

The rhythmic last quarter and tripod of the calendar months – September, October November, and December. The era of accelerated activities, highest effectiveness, and productiveness for goal-oriented people. It’s also a period of abundant harvest for farmers, cornucopia financial supply for businesses, and season of yuletide for all.

The ember months have been tagged with a negative mindset when a lot of bad things happen to range from physical ghastly accidents as a result of reckless driving hence, many avoid traveling during this time especially when it crawls closer to the festive period that draws the year’s curtain close to mental and financial derail.

Many religious centers have also included several prayer events against the ember months’ attacks into their annual calendar; meticulously fighting these powers and presaging good things upon their congregations. Positive affirmations for the ember months are all you need to live up to these months.

A period of holiday where people rest and take vacations, a period where people raise high hopes leading to the deep expectation to end the year on a high note, to parade how well they’ve done since the inception of the year. These yearnings drive people to life-threatening lengths; compelling them to embrace serious vices.

The ember months should be a season to emend knotty problems and be exultant. Always see yourself as Pollyanna and let these positive affirmations for the ember months be your lover and shadow.

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Positive affirmations for the Ember Months

Positive affirmations for the Ember Months: September – December

  1. I’m determined to find beauty in every moment, no matter what.
  2. I choose to see the light at the end of the year.
  3. In this ember months, I seek peace and serenity by tending to my spirit.
  4. I am open to receive the best from the universe.
  5. The leap of faith is my start of change.
  6. I look at this time of year through the eyes of a child full of excitement.
  7. I trust in the power of my guardian angel that is always protecting and guiding me in all the areas of my life.
  8. I feel at peace and view my life as the miracle that it is.
  9. I am an optimistic person and this positive attitude illuminates all over me and brings great success to me.
  10. I am always guided and protected by a special guardian angel.
  11. I surrender what I cannot control so that I can receive guidance.
  12. I’m determined to find beauty in every moment, no matter what.
  13. I bring hope into the present moment.
  14. I am committed to my goals and pursue my daily work with passion.
  15. I have developed the habit of looking at the positive side of the people and events around me.
  16. I pursue my daily tasks and activities with confidence and passion.
  17. The divine protection around me brings prosperity and happiness.
  18. I am willing to see things differently.
  19. I focus on my goals, my growth, and my glow.
  20. I welcome the present moment as if my soul had invited it here.
  21. I give thanks for what’s yet to come.
  22. Every step I take is proof of my courage and tenacity to press on.
  23. I bring hope into the present moment.
  24. The present moment is the very essence of love, hope, compassion, and joy.
  25. I’m taking things to the next level.
  26. I’ll surround myself with positive people who will help bring out the best in me.
  27. My spirit is at ease every day.
  28. I allow my inner child freedom and delight and remember that life is meant to be joyful.
  29. I am going to enjoy the month of November.
  30. I will exceed my own expectation.
  31. In this ember months, I look for miracles and synchronicity.
  32. My scars and imperfections prepare me for what’s ahead.
  33. I’m courageous and stand up for myself.
  34. I don’t need other people or events to feel happiness.
  35. I am smart enough to make my own decisions.
  36. To me, ember months are the same as every other month of the year.
  37. New changes are coming, and I am open wide to all of the possibilities that presented in my life.
  38. Today, I am on the lookout to spread some cheer where it is needed.
  39. I slow down to enjoy the gift of the present moment.
  40. I easily stay within budget.
  41. Today, I hold a loved one or precious memory close to my heart and savor that feeling.
  42. I reflect on the goodness of this past year.
  43. I invite delight into my day and use it as a compass for decision making.
  44. I am going to enjoy the month of October.
  45. I am kind to those around me and communicate clearly and with love.
  46. I am gifting myself a small treat this month.
  47. This month I will remember to always breathe, relax, and stay peaceful.
  48. I surrender to the process, trust in divine timing, and make conscious choices from a place of love
  49. I am grateful for all that is unfolding, and all that will enter into my life these ember months.
  50. Today, I choose to dance with delight as I welcome this month.
  51. I am allowing myself to relinquish control of that which I am grasping too tightly.
  52. I will allow myself to shine brightly today.
  53. I am going to enjoy the month of September.
  54. Today, I enjoy self-care measures, including being out in nature or celebrating the season.
  55. I am willing to try something new.
  56. Today, I remember to take three deep breaths when I feel pressured.
  57. I will spend time marveling at the beauty of nature in my midst.
  58. I am grateful for the gift of the ever-changing sky.
  59. I acknowledge that every moment is a new opportunity to begin creating again.
  60. Everything happens for the ultimate good of my soul’s highest evolution.
  61. I can do anything I set my mind to do.
  62. I will steer clear of unnecessary pressure coming from any angle.
  63. I am strong and getting stronger every day.
  64. Today, I create ways to cultivate quiet in my life to benefit my peace of mind.
  65. I am open to new experiences and welcome adventure.
  66. I am going to enjoy the month of December.
  67. As this new month begins, I remember I am safe, protected, and supported in all I do.
  68. I am excited about the new opportunities this month will bring.
  69. When I become stressed, I will step away. I will take a break, take a nap, or find a creative outlet.
  70. This month, I will face my fears and work to overcome them.
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