95 Positive Affirmations for Love

Are you feeling unloved? Is your love life becoming a shadow to you?

There’s no cause for alarm, these positive affirmations for love will revive and galvanize your affection towards yourself, spouse, friends, and family by constantly reliving and repeating those words daily. Affirmations about love can help you attract love into your life, and make you more loving and loved

Affirmations, when properly managed, will also change your habits and behavior, and subsequently, affect your environment and the people around you

Affirmations for Love

Positive Affirmations for Love

These 95 positive affirmations for love are made just for you. Choose one or a few affirmations that most entreat to you from the list below, and repeat as many times as you can… mostly, when your mind is less busy.

  • Love shines from within and around me.
  • I accept that I can receive love and happiness right now!
  • I am finding my dream partner.
  • I love my sweetheart as much as I love myself.
  • I am accustomed to the incidence of love and richness.
  • I love and being loved.
  • My love is like the grass, it’s never greener on the other side; it’s greener where I water and tend to it.
  • I am loved, loving, and lovable.
  • I love loving and being loved by my mate.
  • I am healed from my past relationship.
  • Loving my partner is loving myself.
  • I will always stand for true love.
  • My spouse is a replication of me.
  • As I feel self-love I experience the love of others.
  • I radiate true love to myself.
  • There is now so much love in my life.
  • I enjoy sharing the real me in relationships.
  • I love giving and receiving fondness.
  • A brook of love fills my being with love and joy.
  • Love wins all. No one ever wins in an argument.
Positive Affirmations for Love
  • Love surrounds me and everyone around me.
  • I emit unadulterated, unreserved love to my lover and her to me. We match each other.
  • I am love and people receive love through me
  • I spread love to everyone I meet
  • With every stroke, I am being a model of what I. want to see in my partner.
  • I draw relationships to me that are for the utmost good of all.
  • I have found my sweetheart.
  • I develop chemistry with ease with those I am attracted to.
  • I  listen to understand and not to win.
  • The more my heart open to someone, the more they become attracted to me.
  • I am love, you are love and we are all love.
  • I’ve been attracting a lot of positive energy today which has been amazing.
  • My partner loves me as much as I love him.
  • I would rather win love than arguments.
  • I naturally attract love within and without.
  • The partner I seek is also seeking me. We are brought together now through infinite love, to the satisfaction of all.   ~ Submitted by Dinesh K. Nagpal, India
  • My relationships are always safe and secure.
  • Today I am going to find my soul mate.
  • My love grows daily, indescribably.
  • I’m occupied with ecstasy that my other half relish our tie and relationship just as much as I do.
  • I spread love and receive it back many times over.
  • Love is my heritage.
  • I look at my partner through my eyes via my heart.
  • I give out love and it is returned to me multiplied many folds.    ~ Submitted by Janis McCann, Ph.D., Valencia, CA., USA
  • The more love I shower myself the more love I receive from people.
  • My love story is going to be perfect.
  • I am expressive to love.
  • I perceive love, I touch love, I am love.
  • Love augments my existence.
  • I am open to love in all forms.
  • I am in love with a wonderful and caring person, committed, loyal, trustworthy, and understanding.   ~ Submitted by Khushi Sachdeva, India
  • I see everything with loving eyes and I love everything I see.
  • All my life I always get more than I give and I always give out love.
  • I have attracted the most loving person in my life and my life is now full of joy.
  • I let go of all past relationships and give room for new love to come into my life.
  • My partner and I perfectly respond to each other, and the love between us is divine.
  • I express my love, I don’t impress on it.
  • I allow my partner to be completely himself in my presence.
  • My love is built on a solid foundation of trust, acceptance, and love.
  • The partner I’m looking for is also looking for me.
  • I receive the love I desire.
  • I am with the love of my life. We both treat each other with respect.
  • I wholeheartedly esteem and love myself.
  •  I know with every fiber of my being that the Universe is bringing me only the most supportive, loving, and awesome relationships!
  • I am ready for a healthy and lovely relationship.
  • I am the true definition of love.
  • I am an archetype of indescribable love.
  • I should not be afraid to love. For in love comes the strength to fight for what I believe is fair.
  • I am charming and people like me for me.
  • I adore myself.
  • Love is what I give out and love is what I receive in return.
  • All I can see in my relationship is love, love, and love.
  • I treasure myself and my love life.
  • I am grateful for the connection with my soulmate.
  • I am in a superlative relationship with my perfect partner.
  • I treat my partner the way I want to be treated.
  • I attracted only loving and serious-minded people.
  • I always express my feeling openly with my partner. That way, s/he doesn’t have to guess anything.
  • I no longer have secrets from my partner.
  • I can be completely myself in the presence of a partner.
  • The light in me grasps the light in you.
  • My heart is a safe abode for my soulmate.
  • Love stems from my very being and touches all around me.
  • I set the space for love to freely express itself.
  • I love laughing and having fun in my relationships.
  • I love who I’m becoming.
  • I want to see you the way you’re. I want to read your eyes.
  • I love laughing and having fun in my relationships.
  •  My love prospects are limitless.
  • My love is enthralled with peace of mind.
  • Every day I am getting more love.
  • I’ve found a way to forget sorrows through love.
  • Love is what dwells in my heart.
  • Love rules my heart, you’re my victory.
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