50 Positive Affirmations for Managing Anger

Positive Affirmations for Managing Anger

If you are liable to get angry without being able to control your temper, you need these positive affirmations for managing anger; else, it may severely damage your social relationships and the way people perceive you.

Irrepressible anger makes you lose your coherent outlook, and you get driven by the sensation that you were aggrieved. Your feeling of being assailed doesn’t take into account the nuances of a given situation, so you just go violent against the one who you feel attacked you first.

Positive affirmations for managing anger is a tool for mind revolution, which means using the energy you already have and working with it to create more gratifying incidents.

This is about infusing your meaningful presence and power into your words and decisions.

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Positive Affirmations for Managing Anger

I have listed here some 50 positive affirmations for managing anger.

Positive Affirmations for Managing Anger

  1. I will remember to stop, relax, and think before I act.
  2. Next time, I will notice that I am getting angry sooner.
  3. I can diffuse my anger and channel it more productively.
  4. I am transforming into someone who confronts problems constructively.
  5. I attract peace and harmony in all situations in my life.
  6. I’m allowed to breathe a little bit deeper into this.
  7. Managing my anger will create a better life for myself and my loved ones.
  8. Each time I release the anger in my heart, I regain space for peace.
  9. I can use everything as a catalyst for something better.
  10. I allow myself to acknowledge angry feelings without losing control.
  11. I will remain calm and centered in frustrating situations.
  12. I choose to respond from love and compassion in all situations.
  13. There is always a solution to the highest good.
  14. I can calm myself down and detach from anger.
  15. I now choose to stay calm in challenging or frustrating situations.
  16. I clear all the ways I feel like boiling over with anger!
  17. Each time I breathe anger, I choose to blow out peace.
  18. I must learn to manage my anger.
  19. I control my anger by expressing myself in a firm yet positive manner.
  20. I always speak my mind rather than let frustrations build up.
  21. I have the power to regulate my emotions.
  22. I clear and release all my angry thoughts and feelings!
  23. I allow myself to acknowledge angry feelings without losing control.
  24. I can express my anger respectfully.
  25. I choose now to release anger and reclaim my happiness.
  26. Controlling my anger comes naturally to me.
  27. Everything is fuel for growth and connection. I am an alchemist, after all.
  28. To be calmed, relaxed, and in control is normal for me.
  29. I am for love and patience.
  30. I am more than my thoughts. I am more than my emotions.
  31. I can admit it when I make a mistake.
  32. I am gaining more and more control over my emotions.
  33. I find it easy to calm myself down and relax.
  34. I notice when I am becoming angry, and I choose to deal with it positively.
  35. I clear all the ways I dwell in anger!
  36. I believe I can break free from anger and live a better life.
  37. I can talk things out with other people.
  38. Thoughts are passing clouds, and I am in the sky. Emotions are falling leaves, and I am the earth.
  39. I transform anger into peace.
  40. I transmute the anger into the energy of peace.
  41. I am in control of how I choose to approach and respond.
  42. Anger is temporary. Peace is forever.
  43. I always speak my mind rather than let frustrations build up.
  44. I can feel my anger and still stay in control.
  45. I am counting to ten.
  46. I will become a positive person whom others can turn to without fear.
  47. I release all this burning anger!
  48. I can calm myself down and detach from anger.
  49. Managing anger will help to repair and strengthen my bond with friends and family.
  50. I release angry feelings and create my life through the power of love and understanding.
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