10 Positive Affirmations to Overcome Driving Anxiety

Positive Affirmations to Overcome Driving Anxiety

Driving Affirmations – How to Overcome Driving Anxiety

If you have paranoia such as driving anxiety, you will likely have regular negative thoughts about having a car crash, getting lost, or losing control of the car.  Those thoughts can stop you from driving. Using positive affirmations to overcome driving anxiety can help to impinge on those thoughts to allow you to take action, go for your drive, and build up your confidence.

Just because you have experienced a bad occurrence of driving in the past does not mean you are disaster-prone forever in the future. Such thoughts will only further associate driving with the fear and panic in your mind.

These affirmations will undoubtedly feel bizarre at first because you’re at variance with your negative thought biases and you won’t believe the new things you’re telling yourself. Remember that repetition is a key part of success with affirmations.

Affirmations Tips

While watching the positive affirmations video or listening to the affirmation audio allow yourself to empty your mind of other thoughts and distractions. Don’t think about anything. Simply embrace and allow the affirmations to sink in.

Repetition is key. The more times that you re-watch, re-listen, and re-take in these affirmations the more you will allow them to sink into your subconscious until you really truly believe them.

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Positive Affirmations to Overcome Driving Anxiety

affirmations for driving anxiety
  1. I feel calm and confident about my actions behind the wheel.
  2. I’m confident. I know I will solve my problems successfully.
  3. No matter the destination, I drive with confidence and ease.
  4. I am a qualified driver.
  5. I respect other road users.
  6. Every time I drive I arrive at my destination quickly and safely.
  7. I avoid getting distracted while driving.
  8. I stay relaxed and focused while driving.
  9. Driving is fun and enjoyable.
  10. I am free from my fear of driving.
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